The Ultimate Guide to The Best Kitchen Nano Gardens

We all have some fond memories of growing up that involve gardening. For me it was a little vegetable garden that my grandmother had in her backyard. It was just a small patch with a few vegetables, but she tended to it every day and we did enjoy some great veggies from that garden.

Our biggest problem was getting the weather to cooperate – sometimes there was too much rain, sometimes there wasn’t enough, and the sun didn’t always make an appearance when needed. That’s what you deal with when you’re growing an outdoor garden. It’s a bit of a crap shoot and you don’t have complete control over your environment.

Today we have a lot of great tools that make life a little easier. There are numerous fertilizers we can buy for our home gardens and specialized plant foods. We can even jump online and do research into the best techniques and to find out the best types of plants to grow in our area.

What we still can’t control is the weather. Even with all our extra tools our backyard garden can still be ruined if we aren’t lucky enough to have the right outdoor conditions. One potential solution to this is some type of indoor.

In this article we’re going to take a look at one of the most popular solutions today – the kitchen Nano garden. This is just what it sounds like. It’s a small garden that you can grow and maintain in the comfort of your own kitchen.

Our article is separated into two sections: in the first part we’ll take a look at the features you should be looking for in a Nano garden and in the second part we review some of the best products on the market today. There might not be a ton of choices yet, but the options are growing if you’ll pardon the pun.

Advantages of the Nano Garden

  • Size of a refrigerator
  • Purifies air inside the home
  • Gets rid of bad odors
  • Very user friendly
  • No sunlight necessary
  • Built in LED lighting system facilitates photosynthesis
  • Great for all year round gardening
  • Recycles the water you use in your kitchen and uses it to water your plants

How a Nano Garden Works

The unit has a built in watering system along with a built in lighting system so that the interior temperature and environment is always controlled. The unit will inform you when you need to add more water and more nutrients so it is really easy to use. The unit will also alert you if the conditions are too dry or too wet for whatever you have planted inside.

Nano Garden VS. Conventional Gardening

In a conventional garden there is a lot of manual labor involved. There is often the need to use fertilizers and pesticides to ensure the health of your crop. This causes a problem not just for you eating the products grown with pesticides and fertilizers.

There is also the problem of pesticides and fertilizers getting washed off into lakes, rivers and the ocean which has a global negative effect on all types of aquatic life. Fertilizers also cause soil erosion and pesticides are harmful to the environment and to the plants and animals.

With the nano garden, there is no use of pesticides or fertilizers. The unit uses a hydroponic system. What this is, is a method of growing plants without any potting soil and so you won’t need fertilizer or pesticides. So with a nano garden you will have the ability to produce vegetables and herbs that are chemical free.

It is also great that it uses your kitchen water (water you use to cook and wash your dishes) and recycles this and repurposes it to support the hydroponic system. So your plants can have a continuous and convenient supply of water without you increasing the cost of your utilities when it comes to water.

With many people considering creating personal gardens this is a great option to help make that dream a reality without all the hard work and without getting your hands dirty.

Choosing to grow your vegetables in the nano garden over a conventional garden is a great sustainable choice. The nano garden is truly the future of gardening and though it comes with a high price tag up front you can easily see that this is a great investment.

The nano garden is highly convenient to use allowing you to grow your vegetables at the best rate for you. The garden also helps you to lead a more healthy lifestyle since you will be eating food that you are certain is free of all chemicals and genetically modified organisms.

We are all concerned about how carbon footprints and growing your own vegetables is a great way to ensure that you are doing your part in helping reduce emissions in our world.

Nano Garden Buying Guide

Compact Size

The first thing you’ll want to consider when considering any sort of indoor growth operation is how much space you actually have to work with. If you’re living in an apartment for example, you won’t have the same space available to you that you would if you were living in a 3000 square foot home.

The great thing about a kitchen Nano garden is that they’re typically very small – small enough to sit on a Kitchener counter. That means they’ll probably work fine in either one of the situations we’ve just described. If It doesn’t it’s not truly a Nano garden.

Easy Set Up

Setting up an indoor growth operation can be quite complex. It can involve a special indoor grow tent, row upon row of heat lamps, and a consistent source of water for your plants. As you’d probably expect this type of setup is also going to increase your hydro bill significantly.

If all you want to do is grow a couple of different plants so that you have some fresh vegetables with supper this elaborate indoor operation is definitely overkill. A better solution is a kitchen Nano garden because it’s completely self-contained in one unit and doesn’t require an understanding of a whole bunch of different components.

Effective LED Grow Lights

Sometimes we want to save a little bit of money – that’s just human nature. When it comes to growing indoor vegetables you may want to bite the bullet and splurge a little bit. That should start with taking a close look at the type of lighting system that comes in the kitchen garden you’re considering for purchase.

The best and most versatile lighting systems are normally LED’s. They’re available in a variety of different colors to cover the different lights of the spectrum your plants need and they don’t give off a lot of unnecessary heat.

Multiple Trays

If all you plan on growing in your kitchen is one particular plant you should be fine with the simplest and least expensive system. If on the other hand you want to grow a variety of vegetables in your kitchen Nano garden then you’ll need a setup that includes multiple trays.

This will allow you to diversify your plant growth and will probably lead to a greater degree of satisfaction among your dinner guests. Let’s face it, not everyone wants to eat tomatoes – at least not all the time.

Clean and Contained

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to checkout any type of Kitchen Nano garden before you’re probably very familiar with their unique self-contained look. They almost look a bit like your grade 8 science project only with a lot more practical purpose. They are an entirely self-contained garden typically no bigger than a microwave onion and in most cases considerably smaller.

Smart Timers

Plants have several different stages in their growing cycle and for the average person growing some vegetables in your kitchen you may not be all that interested in learning everything there is to know about that. Some of the best Nano kitchen setups do the hard work for you.

You can set up timers and reminders so that you know when a plant’s moving from one stage to the next. They’re not going to grow by themselves, but these gardens do make your life a lot easier than they might otherwise be.

Where to find a Nano Garden for sale?

The Best Kitchen Nano Gardens On Amazon

Springworks Microfarm Aquaponic Garden

One of the most unique kitchen garden concepts you’re likely to come across is the Springworks Microfarm Aquaponic Garden. This isn’t just a simple indoor garden – it’s also a fish tank all in one package. If that sounds like a bit of a weird combination to you it really isn’t as strange as you think.

It’s a sort of symbiotic relationship – the fish provide the plants with much needed nutrients and the plants clean the water in your tank. The end result is healthy fish and much more vital plants and better tasting vegetables.

The Nano farm fits on top of any standard 10 gallon fish tank so if you already have a fish tank in your home you don’t need to make an extra purchase. It measures about 21 x 12 so you can grow a couple of different herbs or vegetables in it.

It’s ideal for taking advantage of every spare space in your home. There’s also a heat lamp included to assist in the growth process of your plants year round. If you happen to be a lover of fish and an avid gardener with this unique set up you can fulfill two personal hobbies in one shot.

Click & Grow Indoor Smart Herb Garden Kit

The great thing about consumer technology today is that there’s been a real shift towards ecofriendly alternatives in the last few years. What that means for the gardening enthusiast is some great options when it comes to year round growing.

The Click & Grow Indoor Smart Herb Garden Kit is one of the better choices we’ve seen. This little garden requires minimal set up and maintenance. Basically you just plug it in and add water once in a while and you’re all set. It’s appropriate for just about any type of green plant you want to grow in it and it retails for around $100 so you won’t break the bank.

It comes equipped with Smart Soil technology which is designed to automatically regulate the amount of water, oxygen, ph, and nutrients that your plants receive. Your plants quite literally grow themselves you just have to change the cartridges on a regular schedule.

The built-in LED lamps make sure the plants get the light they need for growth as well. Normally you can expect full sized plants within 1 to 2 months. With a 30 day money back guarantee you can even try it out with little or no risk.

Nutritower – Vertical Indoor Hydroponics Garden System

In any product category there’s always one product that stands out from the pack and when it comes to self-contained indoor growing units the Nutritower is clearly light years ahead of the competition. This isn’t small enough to fit on a countertop like some of the other options in this article, but it will easily slide into a corner of your kitchen without getting in the way.

It is quite a tall unit at well over 6 feet, but it also holds a lot more plants than any of its competitors. This indoor garden will easily hold 20 plants allowing you a great deal of variety in your growing choices. The price tag is a little steeper though at just over $1000.

LED lights are integrated into the Nutritower and the can be controlled with the use of a built-in timer to give your plants the 12 hours of optimum lighting they need each day.

If you want to limit any clean up you can even grow your plants in water alone with no soil eliminating any potential for mess. Perhaps most importantly you can expect your plants to provide a useable crop in as little as 4 weeks. This may be a more expensive unit, but it’s packed full of features.

Spigo Indoor LED Grow Garden

For those that aren’t looking for a large indoor garden you might want to take a close look at the Spigo Indoor LED Grow Garden. This is a truly Nano kitchen garden that also happens to be a very effective growth medium for your plants.

The LED lights contained in the unit have a built-in timer designed to give your plants 8 hours of white light, 8 hours of growth light, and 8 hours without the light on. This is the ideal lighting for plant growth and it’s all automatic. There’s even a water gauge in the Spigo garden so that you don’t have to guess when it’s time to water the plants.

There aren’t really any limitations to the types of plants you can grow in this indoor garden either. It works just as well for growing herbs as it will for growing a cactus. At just 5.9 inches by 13.19 inches and just over 5 pounds you can put it anywhere you have some spare space in the kitchen. It’s got a pretty attractive price tag as well at well under $100.

SunBlaster Nano Dome Propagation Combo Kit

If you’re just getting started with indoor gardening and you want to try and keep your costs under control the SunBlaster Nano Dome may be the ideal choice. This self-contained micro garden has everything you need in one small package.

Kitchen Nano garden prices can be relatively substantial and at under $100 this unit will allow you to try it out and see if it’s really for you. If you find you just don’t have a green thumb or you simply can’t find the time to give it the attention it deserves you won’t be out of pocket too much.

It comes with a two tray seedling heat mat so that you can grow a couple of different vegetables at the same time and it’s about 12 x 48 inches so it’s a decent size. The heat mat also has a built-in thermostat so that you can keep your plants at the recommended temperature for optimal growth.

A T5 light gives your plants the light for growth they need and everything fits nicely inside a 7 inch high dome. You really don’t need a lot of room for this setup. It weighs less than 5 pounds as well so if you do need to move it you won’t have much trouble.

Miracle-Gro AeroGarden Harvest Elite with Gourmet Herb Seed Pod Kit

The Miracle-Gro AeroGarden lets you grow real vegetables and plants inside your apartment. It is equipped with a lamp stand, which is placed at a nice height. This allows you to grow short tomato plants and other such high plants in your home.

This kitchen nano garden Amazon works automatically and informs you via its LCD control panel as to when you have to water the plants. Plus, the LCD control panel tells you when you need to add patented nutrients, which come with this home garden. Its lights automatically turn on and off.

Your kids will love this new gadget, since it has many special designed elements. They can use this home garden for real-life gardening, as it comes with fertilizers and several pots for planting new plants.

This one of the best kitchen nano gardens on Amazon comes with 6 different pots of gourmet herb seeds, including Genovese Basil, Dill, Thyme, Curly Parsley, Mint, and Thai Basil, in addition to 3 ounces of patented nutrients. These are sufficient for one growth season of plants.

With the Miracle-Gro AeroGarden, you can grow plants throughout the year. Plus, you can choose from a wide range of fresh vegetables, herbs, salad greens, and flowers that you want to plant in this smart and stylish countertop garden. This kitchen nano garden Amazon comes with a striking platinum stainless steel finish, which makes it fit for any type of décor.

You can grow a maximum of 6 plants in the Miracle-Gro AeroGarden at a time. Unlike regular plants, these plants grow in water instead of soil, in turn making advanced hydroponics simpler.

This one of the best kitchen nano gardens on Amazon is equipped with a full spectrum LED lighting system of 20 watts, which you can turn to one particular range in order to maximize photosynthesis in plants and thus resulting in quick and natural growth of lots of harvests.

With these nano gardens, you can rest assured that your crops will be as healthy as crops grown in farms. Replacing sun and soil with advanced technology, kitchen nano garden Amazon comes in handy any time of the day, particularly if it rains more often where you reside.

Finding the Kitchen Nano Garden for You

Probably the biggest consideration in choosing an indoor kitchen Nano garden is figuring out how much space you really have to spare for the project.

Any one of the products reviewed on this page will provide you with some great indoor veggies and herbs for your table, but some are more practical in small spaces than others. Ideally you want something that requires as little monitoring as possible as well.

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