Kitchen Nano Garden for Sale

If you are tired of going to the market for your vegetables, have you ever considered growing your own? There is an easy way for you to grow your vegetables indoor – a nano garden. Don’t know what that is? Why not take a look at a kitchen nano garden for sale.

The nano garden was designed by professionals from Hyundai and Gromo. Gromo is a design firm from South Korea.  It was created as a solution for those who live in urban settings but want to grow their own vegetables indoors without all the mess of potting soil.

This garden uses a hydroponics system so you will never have to use fertilizers or pesticides. The unit has its own lighting so you don’t have to worry about having a south facing window either and will be able to plant and harvest even during winter.

The nano garden allows you complete control over everything so you can control the nutrient supply, the water supply and the light so that you can decide how fast or slow your vegetables will grow. While taking care of your plants the nano garden also serves as an air purifier with its ability to eliminate unpleasant odors in the atmosphere.

The nano garden makes gardening convenient and easy but it does have its downsides like anything else there are factors that you must consider. First off the unit can be very expensive, the most expensive of any gardening system.

It will also use a good amount of energy in your home and would require maintenance over time. So there is the cost of not only initial purchase but also of maintaining the nano garden.

The nano garden is without a doubt a high tech and futuristic item. It can work wonders to help you have a fresh and continuous supply of home grown vegetables, herbs, and even flowers. The unit is around the size of a typical refrigerator and so if you have some extra space in your apartments kitchen you can definitely make use of one of these.

Advantages of the Nano Garden

  • Size of a refrigerator
  • Purifies air inside the home
  • Gets rid of bad odors
  • Very user friendly
  • No sunlight necessary
  • Built in LED lighting system facilitates photosynthesis
  • Great for all year round gardening
  • Recycles the water you use in your kitchen and uses it to water your plants

How a Nano Garden Works

The unit has a built in watering system along with a built in lighting system so that the interior temperature and environment is always controlled. The unit will inform you when you need to add more water and more nutrients so it is really easy to use. The unit will also alert you if the conditions are too dry or too wet for whatever you have planted inside.

Nano Garden VS. Conventional Gardening

In a conventional garden there is a lot of manual labor involved. There is often the need to use fertilizers and pesticides to ensure the health of your crop. This causes a problem not just for you eating the products grown with pesticides and fertilizers.

There is also the problem of pesticides and fertilizers getting washed off into lakes, rivers and the ocean which has a global negative effect on all types of aquatic life. Fertilizers also cause soil erosion and pesticides are harmful to the environment and to the plants and animals.

With the nano garden, there is no use of pesticides or fertilizers. The unit uses a hydroponic system. What this is, is a method of growing plants without any potting soil and so you won’t need fertilizer or pesticides. So with a nano garden you will have the ability to produce vegetables and herbs that are chemical free.

It is also great that it uses your kitchen water (water you use to cook and wash your dishes) and recycles this and repurposes it to support the hydroponic system. So your plants can have a continuous and convenient supply of water without you increasing the cost of your utilities when it comes to water.

With many people considering creating personal gardens this is a great option to help make that dream a reality without all the hard work and without getting your hands dirty.

Choosing to grow your vegetables in the nano garden over a conventional garden is a great sustainable choice. The nano garden is truly the future of gardening and though it comes with a high price tag up front you can easily see that this is a great investment.

The nano garden is highly convenient to use allowing you to grow your vegetables at the best rate for you. The garden also helps you to lead a more healthy lifestyle since you will be eating food that you are certain is free of all chemicals and genetically modified organisms.

We are all concerned about how carbon footprints and growing your own vegetables is a great way to ensure that you are doing your part in helping reduce emissions in our world.

Where to Find a Nano Garden for Sale

The nano garden is a fairly new item on the market and as such there aren’t a great many sellers of the product. You can still however get your hands on one and there are a number of nano-dome options for table top use. These nano domes can allow you to plant around three vegetable items and are not as fancy as the full free standing nano garden.

Prices for residential full nano gardens can start at $2000 and go up to $6000. These gardens are a large investment and they can be used to support a restaurant or catering business. So you could consider that into your decision making process.

You can also find some on Amazon.


Embrace the future of indoor gardening by finding a kitchen nano garden for sale. This will be beneficial for you and your family on so many levels. It is quite the investment but it is well worth it thanks to the many benefits that come along with growing your own vegetables in a nano garden.


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