Indoor Gardening Shelves

Some of us are blessed with climates that allow gardening outside all year round possible while others are not. If you have to do your gardening indoors one of the best ways to make the best use of your space is with indoor gardening shelves. You can find a number of these for sale as well as you can go head and build one yourself.

Things to Consider When Purchasing Indoor Gardening Shelves

Here are some factors you should keep in mind when you are purchasing indoor gardening shelves.


It is very important to consider the type of material that is used to build your garden shelves. Most commonly you will find shelves made from wood, chrome wire, epoxy coated wire shelving and stainless steel among other types of materials.

They type you choose will be dependent on what you plan to plant, where the shelves will be and what the typical temperature and air conditions in that area will be. If your environment is humid you want something that is not prone to rust such as an epoxy coated wire shelving unit.


Depending on your requirement, you can choose any of the following shelves.

  • Solid Shelves

These are versatile since they have no openings in the surface of the shelf you can place a number of different sized pots and plants on one shelf. They are also very easy to clean. Since they don’t have openings that allow for ventilation then will be the best choice for plants that like a dryer environment.

  • Vented Shelves

These are ideal for colder and for crowded environments as the vents in the shelves allow for better circulation especially for the plants that are on shelves between other shelves. Their downside is that they are harder to clean and you risk dripping of water onto the plants on the lower shelves.

  • Triangular Shelves

These are a great choice if you don’t have a lot of space and instead will be using corners for your gardening. These allow you the opportunity to get your gardening done while not taking up too much floor space as they can be attached directly to the wall.

  • Wall Mounted Shelves

Triangular shelves are a type of wall mounted shelves. If you have a lot of wall space, you don’t have to use a corner and can use the entire length of wall and affix shelves directly to it. These can be either solid or vented shelves depending on your preferences and your budget.

These types of shelves allow you to take your plants off the ground and have storage for all your gardening supplies and tools beneath the shelves on the floor. These are great if you don’t have a lot of floor space for a traditional free standing gardening shelf.

Final Thoughts

Here are some things to consider if you are not sure if you need a stationary or a mobile gardening shelving unit. Ask yourself these questions and your answers will help you decide which type of shelving unit is right for you.

How much space do you have?

With a stationary shelf you have to ensure that you have enough space around the shelves to walk and attend to the plants properly. If you are strapped for space then you can go ahead and get yourself a mobile shelving unit. This can be moved when you need it to so you can use one space for multiple reasons.

What is your budget?

Mobile shelving units tend to be more expensive than your stationary shelving. If you are handing you could purchase a more affordable stationary shelf and attach casters to the bottom so you can move it around.

What amount of traffic will be around the gardening shelves?

Before you decide that a mobile shelf is right for you consider how much traffic will be passing your shelves once they are in place. Mobile shelves can pose a risk since they can move and since they will have multiple plants on them. If you will have a lot of traffic around mobile units you may want to reconsider especially if you will have kids running around.

Will there be frequent cleaning in the area you plan to keep your gardening shelf?

If your shelves will be in areas where there is a lot of walking can traffic chances are you will need to clean the area often. In such a case a mobile unit might be a better idea to ensure you can effectively clean the area.

With a mobile unit you can move your shelves around and clean everywhere thoroughly. Your plants will be happier and healthier when they can thrive in a clean environment.

Assembling your New Gardening Shelving

Whether you choose a mobile gardening shelving unit or a stationary one, once it gets home you will have to assemble it and place it.Before you start assembling the unit you should have some idea of how you are going to place it in the space you choose to work with.

Ensure the space you pick is a practical space for both the plants and for whatever else they will be sharing the space with.Ensure you have enough space that doesn’t block air vents since you don’t want any warm air pockets that can damage the plants.

Once you have that all figured out you can go ahead and assemble your gardening shelves based on the manufacturers or sellers instructions. Check all the items in the box to ensure you have everything you need before you start. If you don’t have everything this may mean a trip to your local hardware store to get whatever you need.

Once you have assembled your gardening shelf or shelves appropriately it is now time to place and arrange them. Arrange your shelves in a way that utilizes the corners, walls and other space in the best possible way ensuring that your plants are very accessible.

Once you have your indoor gardening shelves up and ready for plants then you can get to the fun stuff – the planting – that is, if you haven’t already started doing that.


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