Best LED Grow Lights for Vegetables

One of life’s greatest pleasures is watching a plant grow from a seed to a full blown plant or tree with its leaves, stems, flowers, and fruits in all its glory. It feels like you are a part of the creation, a divine and sublime experience altogether.

What could be better than planting your own veggies or fruit trees and eating it too?  Not only are you getting fresh, healthy, organic, and tasty produce, you also get a wonderful experience out of it. Indeed, a gardener whether for hobby or commercial purposes will get to experience the pain, hard work, diligence, patience and joy that planting gives.

For people who love to cook, one of the best feeling to have is probably going out to your greenhouse and harvest fresh produce whenever you need it. However, growing vegetables is far from simple and easy, and some may require to grow in a certain climate since some vegetables does not survive when it is too cold and dry outside. Because of this, some people opt to grow their veggies indoors especially during winter.

To grow vegetables and other plants indoors, it is important that you make use of grow lights since they will not be exposed to sunlight. There are different types of grow lights and each has its own effects depending of what type of light it has. One of the most popular one that is being used today are the LED ones. Here are some of the best LED grow lights available in the market.

Twin Pack LED Grow Lights for Indoor Plants by CJ Lifestyle

This LED grow lights has one of the best value as they are sold as a pair. They are suitable for almost any type of plant at any phase. They can be used for seedlings, vegetative, and flowering. They can be placed in greenhouses, basements, flower exhibitions, and much more.

It includes 9 red lights which are perfect for flowering and 3 blue which is best for growing. They are very easy to install, and does not require a ballast and can fit into standard light sockets. Not only are they great for your plants, but they are also environmentally friendly.

It will not consume too much electricity since they are made from LED lights. Another great thing about these lights is that they do not heat up as long as you have a small fan around.These lights can last up to a whopping 50,000 hours and includes a 2 year warranty.

Meoro LED Grow Light Bulb

This grow light made by Meoro is considered one of the best in LED light for 2017. It is quite similar to the grow lights made by CJ Lifestyle as it also has 12 lights which is a combination of 3 blue and 9 red lights.

It has a dimension of 4.17 x 5.1 inches, lasts up to 20,000 hours, and has a total of 12W.They can be used for any phase of the growing stage. It can be at the beginning, flowering, or vegetative. They can be used on any kind of plant such as vegetables, flowers, herbs, and succulents.

It has a cooling system with the use of aluminum heat dissipation structure. They are very easy to install and they can be attached to standard sockets. It is guaranteed radiation-free and they even offer a 12 month warranty.

SUPERNIGHT Horticulture E27 5W LED Plant Grow Light Bulb for Flowering Plant Vegetables

The SUPERNIGHT Horticulture E27 5W LED Plant Grow Light Bulb for Flowering Plant Vegetables is quite different from the first 2 above since it is in a shape of an ordinary light bulb instead of a dome. It has a combination of 3 red and 2 blue lights which helps accelerate the growth of plants.

It has an E27 socket and a voltage of 85-264V which is easy to install and use. It can grow almost all types of plants such as fruits, vegetables, house plants, and flowers. They do not heat up and can also help you save up to 90% more energy compared to traditional grow lights in the market.

It is also free from radiation so you will not have to worry about your seedlings. They are very inexpensive and works just like how it is described. Since this grow light acts as a spotlight, it is not advisable to use them to light a whole tray of seedlings.

Possible Alternatives

If you feel like the products above are not what you are looking for, then here are some other suggestions. First is the TaoTronics Led Grow light Bulb which is one of the newest models in the market. It has a green housing which will blend perfectly with your plants. It is an eco-friendly light bulb as it contains no harmful chemicals and does not have a high energy consumption.

As great as this product is, it is quite expensive. If you are looking for something bigger and can accommodate a full tray of plants, then a great option is the BOOCOSA LED Grow Light 300W Indoor Plant Light. This grow light includes a cooling fan and has a switch for vegetative or blooming. Since it covers more plants at a time, its price is way higher than the previous ones.


The feeling of witnessing a tiny little seed bloom into a big plant is truly a wonderful feeling. As much as we want to have crops available throughout the year, it may get difficult when winter comes. With that being said, people have opted to make themselves an indoor garden.

In order for an indoor garden to function properly, it is important to use LED grow lights. With the use of LED grow lights, you will be able to provide your plants with the light it needs in order to fully grow and bloom.

When choosing the right grow light for your plants, make sure to choose the one that will be able fulfill its needs. Select one that is eco-friendly and does produce radiation as it may damage your plants. Always remember that the art of planting requires a lot of love, time, and patience.


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