Best Indoor Fruit Trees

There are so many fruits that can be grown indoors. Even though they will more likely do better when planted outdoors that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy planting them inside. With the right care and pruning you can grow a tree indoors and have it yield good fruit.

No matter what you do you always want to ensure that you have a deep base for the roots of your tree with 1 foot of space down and across. This may mean that you will need to move plants to big pots as they grow.

This is a great time to prune the roots so that you can maintain the plants size so that it won’t get too large. When your plant is full grown you can go ahead and replace the top layer of soil with fresh compost each year so the plant is encouraged to bear fruit and grow properly.

With all that said if you are trying to grow a tree for the first time the best options are citrus fruits. Here are our three recommendations.

The Meyer Lemon Tree

With your purchase of this time you get a shrub size plant in an 8 inch pot. This is an ideal fruit tree to grow inside by a patio door or with a grow light as they love sunlight. They are very strong trees and can grow well even in colder temperatures down to 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Meyer Lemon Tree is very easy to grow and you will love the aroma it lets out inside your home. It will provide you with medium sized elliptical shaped lemons with a smooth thin rind that turns yellow when ripe.

It produces the moderately seedy kind of lemons that are somewhat acidic and slightly orange inside. It is affordably priced and the manufacture ensures it is packed well for shipping so that it comes to your door in the best condition.


  • Top quality plant delivered to your doorsteps
  • Great for indoor planting
  • Easy to care for
  • Smells great inside once it starts blossoming
  • Produces fruit quickly
  • Produces good quality fruit
  • Takes all the guesswork out of planting
  • You get it at fruiting size


  • Some plants may arrive smaller than the advertised fruiting size of approximately 18 inches in height

The Persian Lime Tree

The Persian lime tree is another great option for planting indoors. It is easy to grow and loves the sun so it will perform well on a patio or other semi enclosed space as well as inside the confines of your homes walls.

You purchase gets you a fruiting sized plant with an 8 inch pot. You may know this variety of limes as Tahiti limes as well. Persian limes have a rich history of how they began and how they got to the United States.

They are mainly grown in Florida which is responsible for 90% of the crop of Persian limes in the USA. These limes are used mainly for fresh lime juice as well as for frozen and liquid lime juice concentrate.

The Persian lime tree will produce oval shaped fruit with a thick skin around the same size as a lemon. The peel is green and turns yellow as it ripens. It will produce larger fruit than a Key lime tree would but Persian limes will not keep as long as Key limes will.

They are a good commercial crop and usually are seedless so they are very convenient for at home use. The pulp tends to be a light green in color and is very acidic and tender. It can be used as a substitute for vinegar and also in the same way that you would use other types of limes.

You can use the juice from these limes in your cooking or you can use it to get rid of deposits in your kettles, coffee pots and much more.


  • Affordable
  • Comes at fruiting size
  • Popular lime variant
  • Comes in an 8 inch pot
  • Useful around the kitchen and around the home for a number of purposes


  • No guarantee your plant will fruit

The Barbados Cherry Plant – Malpighia punicfolia – Acerola

The Barbados Cherry Plant is a great fruit tree for indoors as well as it will survive outdoors as well in warmer climates. This is understandable since the fruit is a native of the West Indies islands. It is also known as the Antilles Cherry or Acerola.

The fruit of this cherry tree is soft and juicy with a tart flavor. Your purchase gets you a small shrub like tree in a 6 inch pot. The shrub features dark brown stems and green leaves. The flowers of the plant are pink and give way to green berries that turn a bright red when ripe. This tree will provide fruit all through the year.

The fruits are high in vitamin C as well as calcium, phosphorous and iron. The tree is a great aesthetic item as it is a bonsai specimen and has creeping stems and every now and again you may find one with exposed roots. The tree is a dwarf version of the cherry tree and so it will grow to a maximum of 15 feet. This can work indoors if pruned properly.


  • Affordable
  • Great for indoor planting
  • Loves warmth
  • Provides fruit all year round
  • Aesthetically pleasing both in bloom and also when not
  • Bonsai variety so you are certain that it will be ideal for indoor planting


  • Plant may not be able to support itself if allowed to get to tall so pruning is necessary
  • May take a while to yield fruit but once it does for the first time it will continue to fruit on an ongoing basis


You can plant fruit trees indoors and the best indoor fruit trees are usually citrus varieties. We recommend the Persian Lime tree as it is very easy to grow and produces the most common variety of lime that is sold in supermarkets and grocery stores.

If limes are something you use often then you will love that this tree will fruit quickly and will fruit on an ongoing basis. It is affordable and comes at a ready to fruit size. All you have to do is take care of it and ensure that it continues to grow when it arrives in your home.


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