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Tips for Growing Mint Indoors

I’m what you call a bit of a mint fanatic. I think it’s a great addition to a nice cup of tea and I always encourage my friends and family to give it a try. It can’t be just any mint though. I prefer to use mint I’ve grown myself rather than the store bought […]

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What Herbs Grow Well Together

Greetings fellow herb enthusiast! So, you’ve decided to grow your own herbs at home and add the freshest, most nutrient rich herbs to your diet, instead of relying on chemically preserved dried herbs in the market. That is a wise decision. But before you can proclaim yourself as a gourmet herb gardener who refuses to […]

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Why Growing Herbs in Pots is a Great Idea

Some of the best ideas are the simplest ones and that certainly applies when it comes to gardening. My wife and I simply love fresh herbs for the dinner table, but we want to have them year round. There are plenty of different ways to go about this and our personal favorite is to grow […]

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Your Guide for Growing Herbs Indoors

There are few things quite as satisfying as fresh herbs that you’ve grown yourself. You don’t have to worry about all those harmful chemicals plants are bathed in from the supermarket because you don’t need to use them when you grow in your kitchen. All you need is a little bit of water, some sunlight, […]

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