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Aerogarden Reviews and Buying Guide

There’s a growing wave of indoor gardeners and it probably has a lot to do with the fact that people are trying to eat healthier these days. We’ve all been bombarded with advertisements telling us that modern consumer culture has been making us increasingly obese and it has medical professionals concerned. This isn’t just a […]

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How to Grow Fresh Lettuce Indoors

Crisp fresh lettuce can make the difference between a mediocre salad and a great salad. It’s also great on a homemade hamburger. Whatever you choose to use lettuce for is up to you, but one thing isn’t up for dispute – fresh lettuce should be a staple of any health conscious home. The problem is […]

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How to Grow Sage Indoors

Every time I hear anyone talk about sage I get transported back in time to Christmas dinners when the whole family was congregated in one spot. My mom and aunts would make a succulent turkey with all the trimmings and of course that included some sage for flavor. To this day I still love the […]

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How to Grow Your Own Lemongrass Indoors

If you love Asian cuisine then you should be very familiar with lemongrass. This lemony scented and flavorful herb is a popular choice in your favorite Thai, Chinese, and Indian dishes. Part of the reason for that is that it grows in abundance in hot Asian climates and it has been a natural choice there […]

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How to Successfully Grow Lemons Indoors

When you’re trying to eat healthier one of the best things you can do is drink lots of water. Obviously it keeps you hydrated, but that’s not the only reason – water also helps to keep you feeling full longer so you’re not tempted to overeat. The problem is drinking nothing but water can a […]

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Best Indoor Herbs

You can have fresh ingredients at hand for all your dishes including your breads, soups and stews by growing your own. And the best part is that you don’t even need to have outdoor planting space, because you can grow a number of herbs inside. Here we want to help you find the best indoor […]

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Indoor Apartment Gardening

Indoor apartment gardening is possible no matter how tiny your apartment is. You can do some amount of small scale gardening in your apartment, you just have to know how. If you are a beginner you also want to start with plants or a plant that is easy to grow that will help you to […]

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Indoor Window Gardening

If you love gardening and need to do it inside but are short on space you can make use of indoor window gardening. All you need is a windowsill and some inspiration no matter where you live whether in a high rise building or in a house with a large house with a big backyard. […]

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