This website is all about growing things, big and small, indoors!

That said, it focuses mostly on herbs and nano gardens, rather than flowers in general. There are already a lot of exceptional sites out there covering these topics.

Flowers are of course awesome, but there’s something special about building out a mini herb garden on your windowsill, or eating sprinkling some homegrown coriander into your meal. The trouble is, getting it right!

While the above things are great, there’s also nothing worse than watching your herbs slowly die, despite getting the right amount of water and sunlight.

What keeps going wrong?! That’s something I’ve spent years learning and to some extent perfecting, and that’s what we’ll be discussing on this site.

I’m completely self-taught, which means I’ve learned the hard way by making many mistakes. Good news for you though, because I’ve been where you are, and I can help you get past those growing pains (pun intended!) while hopefully making fewer mistakes than I did initially.

Get in touch here if you want to say hello!

In the meantime, keep learning, and keep on growing.